“Our Tribe for Africa”


We are excited to announce a new project, where income generated from the sales of our new single ‘The African M’Ganga’ will contribute towards the brilliant work of the charity ‘African Village Support’ based in Uganda.

The story of our link to this programme starts with the meeting of Lucian Nagy with Alex Steele. Alex is a jazz pianist from the UK, and he is also an educator and consultant, not only in the world of jazz, but also in the world of organisational and community development. He has led a double life, living by night as a jazz musician, and by day as a consultant and professor of sustainable development, and he is currently working with communities and charities in Uganda, Kenya, Colombia, Venezuela and Bangladesh. Alex is also the Director of the organisation ‘Improwise’ which works with organisations and communities around the world, to support programmes for organisational change, innovation, leadership, and community development.

Alex and Lucian originally came together to work on two programmes in Romania, using the practice of improvisation to explore leadership and innovation in organisations. Inspired by their initial collaboration, and learning of Alex’s work in Uganda, Lucian created a new proposal, to link his musical project, Balkumba Tribe, with one of the community development programmes led by Alex in Uganda.

Alex’s main programme in Uganda supports the brilliant charity ‘African Village Support’. Alex is a Trustee of African Village Support, and he travels to Uganda and lives and works with local communities each year, in support of their programmes.

The programmes are focused on providing support, mostly to Women’s Groups in remote rural areas, helping them to build and run small businesses and small-scale agricultural projects, supporting vulnerable people in those communities, helping to alleviate poverty, and also providing support for schools and education, with a focus on the development of children. You can see more about the work of African Village Support at

So now we are ready to link our musical lives with the lives of the communities in remote villages in rural Eastern Uganda.

We would like to invite you to purchase our new single ‘The African M’Ganga’ and we will ensure that proceeds from our sales go directly to support the work of African Village Support and all of the communities that they work with.


 In the next year, we wish to accompany Alex on his next programme in Uganda, and we will be making a short documentary about this incredible programme.


To contribute to our charitable programme and to purchase our new single ‘The African M’Ganga’, please click on the bandcamp link or ‘Donate’ button below.

As a minimum contribution, we are asking you to donate a minimum of 10 Euros, but we would also encourage you to donate more if you can. We will contribute all of our profits from the sales of our new single to African Village Support. African Village Support will be providing details of all our contributions to them as part of their future auditing and accountability.

As well as donating in Euros, we are also pleased to announce a new and innovative financial transaction system, where we will access payments using bitcoins as value.

If you are interested in this, please contact Lucian via


We have a special offer for the first 1,000 donations over 10 Euros. For all of you, we will be delighted to send to you, not just our single, but also our new album entitled ‘State of Soul’. So please donate generously!

Here’s the link with our New Single entitled “The African M’Ganga”:

On behalf of ourselves, and the inspirational team of Alex Steele, Improwise, African Village Support and all of the communities who they support, we sincerely thank you for your generosity.

We wish you all a Blessed Time on this precious place named, Earth = Heart.


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African Village Support:

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Csaba Pusztai – MEINL Percussions Endorsement 

Csaba has studied music since the age of 5, and started drumming at 7. During the 30 years that has passed since then, he has played in highly diverse musical environments: as a jazz drummer, latin percussionist and session musician in classical concerts, contemporary and cross-over productions, pop and theatre. Also, he is regularly featured in musical TV shows, talent contests and talk shows.


Apart from being a musician, Csaba is also a teacher, having received his teacher’s diploma from the prestigious Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. He teaches at the Vienna Conservatory, Budapest, and also at the Béni Egressy High School of Music


He is the member of several musical productions, as

– Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe

– Budapest Voices

– Z-Drums percussion group 

                          A New Artist from Romania chose AUDIO-TECHNICA

“Proudly, we welcome Lucian Nagy among the artists who chose Audio-Technica. Master of  saxophone, clarinet, bulgarian kaval, turkish ney, flute, Lucian participate to a numerous international projects. To support its sound during concerts he decided to use the microphone tools ATM 350cW with wireless systems ATW-3110b and for his studio recordings he’s helped by the pair of headphones M50 & the AT 4050 studio microphone”

Lucian plays the audio technica setup with “Balkumba Tribe”